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Hani Date Company is leader in the export industry of date

Hani Date has played an effective role in dates production since 2006 and deliver its products in Iran to the more provinces and also exports to countries like Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Australia.

Palm cultivation in Bushehr

One of the important capacities of Bushehr province in agriculture is dates, so that after oil, gas and petrochemical industries, palm cultivation creates the most employment. In Bushehr province, production, processing and industries of date products have a special place.

The level of grove lands

Six million palms are grown on 34,000 hectares of land in Bushehr province.

Employment in the palm growing industry

In Bushehr province, 80,000 people are directly engaged in palm cultivation.

Date harvest

Annually, more than 165,000 tons of dates are produced in this province and sent to domestic and foreign markets.

Exports dates

More than 30% of Bushehr province dates are exported to Central Asian countries, Europe, the Persian Gulf, India, Russia and Pakistan.

Hani Services

Hani Date supplying both kinds of Kabkab and Zahedi Dates from Iran and exports them worldwide.


Palm Cultivation

بسته بندی



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Bushehr Original Dates

Bushehr province is one of the centers of date production in Iran and the largest groves in Iran are located in this province. And there are six million palms in these lands.

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are the most produced dates in Bushehr province.
And this amount reaches 75%. The amount of kabkab production in Iran is about 250,000 tons per year, of which 10% is exported.

Zahedi Dates

One of the most prestigious dates for export in Iran is Zahedi date, which is one of the highest quality and most delicious Iranian dates. Zahedi dates are one of the most popular dates in European countries.


Hani Date Company is an exporter of the highest quality dates in Iran. India, China, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Spain, Ukraine, Armenia and the Persian Gulf countries are the export destinations of dates in Bushehr province.

Iran, second largest producer of dates in the world

Annual production amount

The annual production of dates in Iran is more than 900 thousand tons.

Persian dates in the world

Iran is the second largest producer of dates in the world, accounting for 17% of world production.

Types of Iranian dates

400 samples of different dates are cultivated and harvested in Iran. Zahedi, Kabkab, estameran and Pyaram are the most important types of dates exported from Iran.

The amount of Iranian date exports

Iranian dates make up 7.7% of the world's total exports.

What do people say about us?

I have been looking for a company for a long time that I can deal with directly.
I hope this cooperation will always continue.


I sent samples of the products to Brazil so I could start working together.
I hope my customers like the products of Kabkab and Zahedi dates and we can start exporting little by little.


Tavakoli Carton Company is very happy that it has been cooperating with Hani Date Company for some time and meets the prerequisites of this company.
We hope this cooperation will continue.

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