Order a variety of dates

Daily consumption of a few dates, in addition to providing the body with the energy it needs, can provide the necessary vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron and magnesium. The therapeutic and preventive properties of dates have been proven for many years, and daily consumption of its varieties, if you can press, keep you healthy.

The population of the country is about 85 million people and if each person consumes 10 kilos of dates annually, 850,000 tons will be consumed annually and the remaining 350,000 tons will be consumed by the industrial sector.

People have different interests and tastes in consuming dates; In some areas, softer or wetter cultivars (with a moisture content of about 30%) such as "Barhi", "Kabkab", "Mazafati" and "Gantar" and in some areas dried and semi-dry dates (with a moisture content of 10 to 25%) such as "Colonization" "Khazravi", "Diri" and "Zahedi" are consumed.