The company has eliminated intermediaries, in which case prices will fall. Exports of kebab dates are supplied by Hani Company.

Hani Trading Company, with its industrial cold storage in Dashtestan city, offers and exports kebab dates with two types of grade 1 and grade 2.

The company offers its products inside and outside Iran under the brand names “Hani, Ranginak, Salwa”.

Hani Date is a well-known company with a quarter of a century of experience in packaging, processing and exporting dates.

Zahedi date packaging

Zahedi dates are a type of dried dates in most parts of Iran, but in some areas it is known as a semi-dry date. Dried Zahedi dates in Iran have a moisture content of 14%.

Hani Date Company has played an effective role in date production since 2006 and sends its products in Iran to the provinces of Khuzestan, Fars, Tehran, Isfahan and Hamedan, and also exports to Arab countries (UAE and Kuwait), Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Australia.

Honi Plus packaging

Hani Jonoob Company, which offers various types of kebab and Zahedi dates, distributes them in Iran and exports them abroad.

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