Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates are considered one of the most delicious dates in the world. This date is originally stored in the refrigerator in a moist form, and it is better to call it as extra moist.

The most foreign capital in the field of creation also buys this date. You can also have a glimpse of Mazafati date. The most ideal for the quality type of this type of date is black color. The optimal amount of this type of dates varies between 14% and 36%, according to the harvest period and the cultivated area.

The areas where this product is cultivated are Bam city and its surrounding villages, Jiroft, Narmashir, Barwat. Compare the quality of extra dates planted in Bam with other places where they are planted.

Mazafati dates harvest time

The time to harvest additional dates is in the summer (September). Mazafati dates from Nakhlestan are stored in disposable cartons in special cold storages of Media Banyan Industries Company at a temperature of -5 to 5 degrees Celsius. After sorting and cleaning, they are packed in existing packages or for internal sale. The storage conditions of Mazafati dates are somewhat more difficult than other dates, because its amount must increase the conditions to prevent its spoilage.

Extra dates are rich in iron, vitamins of group A and B, various minerals, especially potassium. Daily consumption of dates can compensate people’s body. It also has natural fructose sugar, which is much more useful than regular sugar.

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Special features to the person of Mazafati dates

Mozafati dates

Mazafati Dates

This date is mostly known as Rutab and many people know it as Rutab.

Many dates have their own names, but in many parts of the country, Mazafati dates are only called “Rutab”, which is interesting in its own way.

The color that people like for this date and many of them can buy this date in black color and even dark black affect the sales of this product.

Even though this date is brown and dark brown is also available, because this date is red in the first stage to reach its maturity, and it is interesting to know that it turns black as it matures.

Many dates can be stored in the open air and in the room environment, but the storage conditions of these dates depend on the individual and it is recommended to store these dates in the refrigerator for consumption at home and whenever you need to consume them, an hour earlier. Take the date out of the refrigerator and then consume it.

Properties of Mazafati dates

One of the most important and major date products of Iran can be called Mazafati dates. This date is a type of soft date and has many uses both inside the country and internationally. The color of this date is generally dark purple and black, and it has excellent meat, nectar and taste.

The amount in the product varies depending on the location of the farm and the cultivation and harvesting of the product. The size of the high-quality date is between 2.5 and 4.5 cm. Mazafati date is the most famous type of date, which is sometimes mistakenly called “moist”. In fact, rutab is the fresh fruit of the palm tree. Dried dates are moist. As a parable, the products of grapes, grapes, and raisins that come from the hair tree can be considered as thorn, moisture, and dates for the palm tree. This type of date must be stored in the refrigerator.

Bam additional moisture is useful for treating diarrhea due to its high potassium content. The point that should be considered when using dates is that they should be washed well before consumption. Because it becomes sticky due to the presence of sap that is placed on the skin and absorbs any type.


  1. Researchers say that eating dates alone or together with dairy products, including milk, is very useful for bruising and swelling caused by fasting or heavy activities.
  2. Dates have fibers that are very useful in reducing and providing nutrition.
  3. The most recent scientific research shows that dates can eliminate people’s violence and calm them down.
  4. Due to the presence of mucilage and pectic substances, it is a cough reliever, and has the effect of relieving chest discomfort. For this, make a decoction of 50 grams per half liter of sweet water, which is useful for chest pain.
  5. Dates can be used to improve limb paralysis, back pain and joint discomfort.
  6. It is said that dates soften breast milk, treat the kidneys, and prevent infectious diseases and hair loss.
  7. Mixing dates with fresh milk is very important in raising and strengthening energy.
  8. Be in areas where there are a lot of dates, this fruit can be used to treat cancer.
  9. In the books of traditional medicine, dates are mentioned as a blood thinner, which is very useful for weak-tempered people.
  10. Dates neutralize stomach acid and are very beneficial for the elderly and children.
  11. The miraculous effect of date kernels is to eliminate the swelling of the eyelids. For this purpose, they make an ointment from date kernels and apply it on the eyes. This ointment is also the best medicine for eyelash growth.
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