South Hani Palm Company History

South Hani Palm, a well-known company with many years experience in packaging, processing and exporting date.Our company offers its products for inside and outside of Iran under the brand names “Hani, Ranginak, Selva” also these products are fully cared for and supervised about health and quality regulators in all stages of packaging and supply.
South Hani Palm Company is proud that in the field of quality control and management control systems, it has succeeded in receiving at least ten mandatory and honorary certificates, including the standard mark from the Iranian Standards Organization, the health apple mark from the Food and Drug Administration, ISO certificates. 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 are among them.

South Hani Palm Company

South Hani Trading Company, with its industrial cold storage in Borazjan, proceeding to offers and exports Kabkab dates with two types of grade 1 and grade 2.Our company by eliminating intermediaries tries to stay in fair price. South Hani Trading Company is offered its Kabkab dates with package after homogenization.

South Hani Palm factory

This factory is located on a 13,000 square meter land in Borazjan industrial town and today with its complete processing and packaging facilities for various dates, as well as sanitary warehouses and cold storages, it is one of the most modern date packaging and processing factories in Iran is considered.

All factory personnel are all committed with empathy and will to strive to provide healthy, desirable and quality products to consumers and to expand the scope of their activities beyond the borders of Iran as much as possible.

Due to the importance of the date processing and packaging industry, the managers of this group decided to establish an industrial company in the field of designing and manufacturing processing and packaging lines, in addition to meeting the needs of their machines to obtain orders from customers and owners of other products in Take action in all parts of Iran and even abroad.


Certificates and Awards

South Hani Palm Company with 12 years of experience in the field of export and packaging of dates, has been able to export its products to the provinces of Khuzestan, Tehran, Fars, Alborz, Isfahan, Hamedan, as well as the UAE and Germany.

Received from the country's Ranginak dates festival

Received from the Ministry of Health and Education

Received from the Business Culture Transformation Seminar

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